China and Hong Kong Explorer
China Hong kong
18 days
China & Hong Kong Tour
Hong Kong
11 days
Legacy of China & Yangtze
Beiging Hong kong
20 days
Dubai with Cruise
7 days
Anmol Fareast and singapore
11 days
China Splendid Tour from Hong Kong
China Hong kong
11 days


Dream Destination Tours

Are you coming from a foreign country and would like to travel to Slovenia, but you do not know where and how? Would you like to spend your holidays actively or at rest, in the mountains or at the seaside, in the country or in spas, in a skiing resort, or maybe experience a combination of all this?

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Travel Guide

Besides being the largest and the most populous continent in the world, Asia is also a continent which forms a perfect destination for vacations. In Asia, there are innumerous things to be seen and to be discovered that even a lifetime is not enough.

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